Are Dogs Allowed In Costco? Everything You Need To Know!

Are Dogs Allowed In Costco? Many pet owners like to take their furry companions to places they regularly visit, such as grocery stores. The popularity of pets has led many people to want their furry friends with them all the time, even when they’re out shopping.

But while stores in some countries have already adopted this demand by allowing dogs inside for a fee, Costco and other popular wholesale stores in America are reluctant or outright refuse on-leash canines from coming through its doors.

However, If you’re unsure about whether or not your dog can enter Costco then don’t worry! In this article, we will explain everything and answer some other questions you may have related to this topic.

So let’s get started…

Are Service Dogs Allowed In Costco?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in Costco. But “service dogs” on the other hand are permitted to enter the store according to the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

So you’re in a Costco, and your dog is with you. You look around for the sign that says “service dogs only” and there isn’t one. Is that because service dogs are not allowed at all?

In fact, service animals are allowed anywhere in the store (except for certain food prep areas). However, if your dog shows no signs of being a service dog you may be required to show identification that your dog is fully trained as a service dog in order to enter the store.

  • A Current Certification From A Certifying Organization
  • An identification card issued by a state that says the animal is individually trained.

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed In Costco?

It might come as a surprise to find that emotional support dogs are not allowed in Costco. The reason for this is because the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not include service animals such as emotional support dogs.

If you’re not familiar with the differences between the terms, you might want to keep reading.

Service dogs are animals that have been professionally trained, by professionals to perform specific tasks for the benefit of people with a variety of physical and mental disabilities. When they are taught a job, it should be directly related to the condition of their owner.

Emotional support animals on the other hand are more of a companion and are not trained to perform specific tasks, like service dogs and because of this their presence in some situations may be restricted.

These dogs are extremely beneficial to their owners in terms of friendship, depression relief, and loneliness reduction, they do not fit the definition of a “service dog.”

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Are Costco Stores Dog-Friendly?

Costco is not your average dog-friendly store. As before they don’t allow dogs inside the Costco stores at all! Service animals are allowed in a Costco location.

But even if you have an ADA qualified animal companion and want to go into one of these locations be aware that it’s still possible for them to deny access because some pets might behave dangerously or create unfriendly environments.

For example, if your dog is barking excessively and disturbing customers this can sometimes lead to employees having to take time away from managing product inventory just so they could deal with this misbehaving dog.

However, this is very unlikely as service dogs are fully trained to deal with situations like busy malls with lots of people where other dogs may not do so well.

When you enter the store with your service dog as the owner you are still responsible to make sure they follow the rules:

  1. The Pet Owner Is Fully Responsible For Their Dog’s Behavior
  2. Your Dog Must Be Wearing A Harness Or leash While In the Store
  3. You Are Also Responsible For Any Mess That Your Dog Makes

Costco’s Official Dog Policy

Costco prioritizes compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They gladly accept assistance animals into their warehouses. As a result, people who rely on service animals have access to Costco warehouses.

The service animal is acknowledged to be under the control of its owner. In addition, according to state regulations, the service animal must be housebroken and vaccinated.

Costco accepts service dogs in the same manner as other businesses. The corporation recognizes that these dogs serve an essential purpose for the organization. Their work has the potential to save the life of their owner.

Similarly to how this service dog jumped between a minibus and his handler:

On the other hand, Costco has the authority to determine whether or not a dog is a service animal, especially when the function of a service animal is not immediately apparent.

Only two questions may be posed to the pet’s guardian:

  1. Does Your Dog Have A Service Animal Certification?
  2. What Task Has Your Dog Been Trained To Perform?

In addition to the questions listed above, Costco employees should refrain from asking the following:

  • Specifics About The Individual’s Disability.
  • That The Dog Completes The Assignment Successfully.
  • Obtaining A Copy Of Medical Documentation
  • Inquire About The Identification Or Documentation Of The Assistance Dog.

Because the Americans with Disabilities Act only recognizes dogs as service animals, taking other animals such as parrots, snakes, hamsters, is forbidden

Please keep in mind that Costco may refuse entry or have a service animal removed in some cases. First and foremost, if the service animal misbehaves and disrupts other customers. Second, if the owner is unable to control the inappropriate behavior of the service animal.

Does Costco’s Dogs Policy Vary By Location?

Even though pets are not permitted in Costco’s shops, the dog policy is enforced at the discretion of local management. In practice, this means that while some Costco locations may allow pets if they are well-behaved, others may not.

Different customers have had varying degrees of success when it comes to shopping with their pets. While the official store policy remains unchanged throughout North America, in the countries and states the rules can vary.

So if you live in another state or country and are wondering if the same rules apply don’t worry we have you covered.

  • Costco Dog Policy UK: The dog policies for Costco in the UK are the same for North America and will not allow dogs inside their premises. This is to protect health and safety. The store’s strict food regulations do not permit it unless a dog has necessary access due to disability like a service dog!
  • Costco Dog Policy France: Dogs are not allowed in Costco France. In fact, France does not allow dogs at any business that sells food and this includes grocery stores and again this is mainly because of health and safety reasons.
  • Costco Dog Policy Canada: Dogs are not allowed inside of Costco in Canada. They’re a strict no pets policy to maintain sanitary standards and hygiene, but for those dogs that require one because they have disabilities, it is permitted.
  • Costco Dog Policy Australia: The same goes for Costco in Australia, they don’t allow dogs inside, but it’s not just for health reasons. The law actually says that they are required by law to allow guide dogs onto the premises.

Although all of Costco’s dog policies are the same no matter what state or country you reside in some managers have been known to allow well-behaved pets into the store provided that they keep them on a leash when inside of Costco.

Other Stores That Have Similar Dog Policies To Costco

Similar to Costco, another well-known retailer, Target, has developed its pet policy. Only assistance dogs are permitted to enter their warehouses, as stated clearly in their pet policy.

According to Target, therapy dogs and emotional support dogs are not considered assistance animals, and their presence is prohibited. In other cases, a dog owner may decide to carry their puppy in the hopes that it will stay because the puppy does not walk through the door.

Dog handlers must remember that the store’s pet policy is strict, regardless of whether the dogs are carried or walked through the doors.

Like Costco and Target, Walmart has the same pet policy and is run by the same people. To be allowed into their warehouses, all canines must be certified as service dogs. Customers are not permitted to bring emotional support animals or pets into their establishments.

Customer care Dogs are allowed in all areas of Dollar General stores; however, based on customer feedback, pups may be allowed in other areas, depending on the shop manager.

When customers shop at large wholesale stores with their dogs, their health, hygiene, and safety may be jeopardized, which is why owners must always keep their fluffy companions on a leash and monitor their behavior.

According to the company’s service dog policy, any Costco member who is observed with the assistance of a carrier dog or other carrier animal will be granted immediate access to any of Costco’s warehouses.

However, before bringing their dog into Costco, they should be aware of the rules that must be followed.

For starters, each dog and its owner must follow fitness and safety laws, as well as Costco’s pet policy, during their shopping trip. As a result, the owner must always have complete control over the dog, and a leash must restrain the dog.

Furthermore, because the assistance dog has the potential to contaminate or otherwise harm the shop’s merchandise or cause problems for other customers, it is not allowed to roam freely.

Why Are Dogs Not Allowed In Costco?

Costco’s strict health codes and hygiene laws prevent all dogs from entering the store. It is against company policy to bring a pet inside, even if it was just for an errand or quick visit!

Most company’s policies are frequently passed down to their stores, but each store’s implementation varies. When it comes to dog policies, the implementation is entirely up to the store manager’s discretion.

As a result, a store with multiple locations may be appealing to all pets. Another store, on the other hand, may not allow pets at all, except service dogs.

If you want to go shopping, we don’t recommend bringing your pet (unless it’s a service dog) with you!

Some customers may be allergic to dog hair, and food laws prohibit the presence of dogs in shopping carts. The government is responsible for protecting the food supply from contamination.

Toxins present in a dog’s fur or paws have the potential to cause allergies or sickness when they come into contact with people, regardless of how many times they have been bathed.

Furthermore, an untrained dog may exhibit inappropriate behavior such as defecating or urinating.


So there you have it! We hope that this article has answered any questions about whether or not dogs are allowed in Costco. If you’re a dog owner and want to visit the store with your furry friend, make sure they meet one of those two requirements for being classified as an ADA service animal then head on over!

But if you don’t own a pet, we recommend staying away from these stores altogether because their environment simply isn’t conducive to pets.

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