Do Rabbits Get Sad When Their Babies Die?

Do rabbits get sad when their babies die? This is a question that many people have asked themselves. Sadly, this answer isn’t as easy as it may seem, and to clarify this issue, we need to discuss what exactly does happen to rabbits when they lose their babies.

Rabbits are very protective of their young, and will often defend them from threats. When a baby rabbit is born in the wild, it has a 50% chance of living to adulthood. On average, mothers only have four babies each year.

The mother rabbit will grieve for her lost babies if she’s been with them since birth but not when they die as an infant. If she loses them in the wild, she may go about her daily life as if nothing has happened.

When it comes down to it, do rabbits get sad when their babies die? The mother rabbit will grieve for her lost babies if she’s been with them since birth but not when they die as an infant!

However, if you think your rabbit griefing because of the loss of another rabbit then read this blog post which will give some suggestions on how you can help them feel better in this situation.

What Are The Signs Of Grief In Rabbits?

Rabbits are very social animals who love to live in groups. When a rabbit griefing you may often see them standing alone or sitting quietly facing a corner of the cage with no energy. In some cases, rabbits may stop eating and drinking altogether for several days (although this isn’t typical).

Signs Of Grief In Rabbits:

  • Shows Zero Energy
  • Standing And Sitting Alone
  • Has Stop Eating And Drinking
  • Sitting Quietly Facing Corner Of Cage

When they lose their babies, you can often see them standing alone or sitting quietly facing a corner of the cage with no energy. In some cases, rabbits may stop eating and drinking altogether for several days (although this isn’t typical).

It’s important to keep an eye on your rabbit during these times because losing his or her baby is hard enough but it could also be dangerous if she doesn’t eat and drink properly.

If you notice that your rabbit has stopped eating, make sure to take her as quickly as possible to a veterinarian so they can run some tests!

Once again we want to clarify something: when bunnies are sad after losing their babies, they don’t get sad like us humans do. They are not capable of thinking abstractly or considering the past and future.

Their sadness is simply a reaction to their loss which usually leads them to stop eating for several days (although this isn’t always the case).

It may sound silly but some people actually believe rabbits have no emotions whatsoever because they aren’t as complex creatures as we are. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

As mentioned above, rabbits can feel very depressed when something bad happens in their lives just like how we would if our babies died at such young age before even having an opportunity to live properly.

How Long Do Rabbits Grief After Their Babies Die?

Rabbits are very calm, docile creatures. It’s comforting to know that they don’t often cause trouble or get into fights with each other. So when we see a rabbit grieving after their babies die, it can be hard to understand why and how this is happening.

But the truth is that rabbits feel just as much emotion as any human does! They can grieve in various ways “as mentioned above” but how long do rabbits typically grief for?

After a rabbit loses its babies, they can grieve for several days to a week depending on the circumstances. Some rabbits may only show their grief for two or three hours while others could be sad and depressed for several days after their loss.

You can never really know how long your pet is going to mourn so make sure you are always there as support!

How Can We Help Rabbits Feel Better After Their Babies Die?

It’s a sad reality that, for many rabbit owners, their first experience with raising rabbits is the death of the babies. This can happen for any number of reasons and it can be difficult to know what you should do afterwards.

If you think one of your bunnies is sad after losing their babies there are a few things you can do to help them feel better that we have listed below:

How To Help Your Rabbit Feel Better:

  1. Provide Plenty Of Cuddles
  2. Make Sure They Have Fresh Water And Food
  3. Make Sure Your Rabbit Is As Comfortable As Possible
  4. Add A Companion To Help With The Rabbits Lose

First, make sure they have fresh water and food available at all times so that if they decide to eat again it’ll be easier for them.

Second, try not to handle the bunny too much because he/she will likely perceive this as an intrusion in his or her space which may only worsen the issue (it would probably be best just to leave him or her alone until he/she is ready).

Try going into his or her cage every day with some treats though! Even if she doesn’t want to come out from under the bedding, it might still cheer him up enough to realize the food is there for him to eat.

Finally, if you have another bunny or a pet in the house who can act as a companion then it might be best to bring them closer together so that your bunnies spend more time with each other and less time alone (this goes for lonely humans too!).

Although this won’t completely make up for their lost babies, at least they’ll know that someone cares about them which could improve his or her mood drastically!

It’s important not to force anything though because rabbits are very sensitive creatures and will take things the wrong way easily. Always remember: actions speak louder than words!

If you’re spending all this time trying to help your rabbit feel better but he/she still sees no reason why he/she should be happy, then there’s probably no point in continuing.

The best thing you can do is just stay by his or her side and never lose hope! Eventually, he/she will come around because rabbits are very resilient creatures but it takes time for them to heal so they need our support during this part of their lives as well.

Although rabbits may not express sadness the same way we would, that doesn’t mean they don’t feel emotions like love, fear, happiness, and sorrow at all which makes us similar in a lot of ways despite being different species altogether!

Can Rabbits Die From Griefing?

Yes, rabbits can absolutely die from grieving! They may be resilient creatures but they are still living beings and if you break their hearts one too many times then it could result in serious health problems.

Rabbits that grieve constantly over a long period of time (usually longer than three weeks) should seek medical attention immediately because this is not normal behavior for them which means something else might be going on inside his or her body.

If a rabbit experiences depression for too long it can actually weaken a rabbit’s immune system which makes them much more susceptible to illnesses like myxomatosis which only affects their eyes, ears, nose, and genitals.

This means they are likely to die if left untreated so make sure you schedule an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible! The sooner you get her there, the better chance she has at recovering completely!

Always remember: even though some people say it’s best not to keep too many bunnies together because “they fight,” this is untrue for most cases unless one bunny starts being aggressive towards another (which rarely happens).

Rabbits need love just like us humans do so make sure you give all of your rabbits the attention they deserve!

Monitor Your Rabbit Closely

If you notice your rabbit is acting strange or different for an extended period of time (over a week), then it’s best to monitor their behavior closely.

If they start isolating themselves from the others in their group, don’t eat properly, lose fur around their eyes or ears or avoid being touched by other rabbits altogether then that means something might be wrong with them so bring him/her into your veterinarian as soon as possible!

You should also watch out for any signs of aggression within the group. If you notice a rabbit is starting to become aggressive towards others or even worse, his/herself then it’s time to take her to your veterinarian as well and get them treated!

Rabbits that are going through depression may have periods where they suddenly act differently from their usual selves which can result in sudden bouts of agitation and anger so always monitor your rabbits closely!

Do Rabbits Mourn Their Dead?

Yes, rabbits mourn their dead just as much as we do! It’s natural for animals, including rabbits, to mourn the death of loved ones and they can show many different signs that they are mourning.

  • Sniffing The Rabbits Dead Body
  • Licking the Rabbits Dead Body
  • Trying To Nudge The Rabbit Dead Body

It’s crucial to remove any items that the rabbit may have touched before they died because their sent can still be there confusing the rabbit which could make the mourning process last longer than usual.

Rabbits go through periods where they’ll suddenly act differently for an extended period after one of them has passed away so make sure you monitor this behavior closely and comfort your lonely bunny as best as possible!

They need our support during these difficult times just like us humans do!

Do Some Rabbits Eat Their Young?

Yes, some rabbits eat their young but it’s mostly isolated to situations where a doe doesn’t have enough milk to feed her babies or the mother may be dead as well.

If you notice your rabbit is starting to suckle on one of his/her babies then that means he/she might try and start eating them if they don’t get any more milk from him or her which can be extremely distressing for everyone involved.

However, according to studies done by scientists who study animal behavior at the Max Planck Institute, this usually happens under extreme circumstances so keep an eye out!

Your bunny should not act like this even if something bad has happened during birth because she’ll know when there are problems with her litter right away.


Rabbits do get sad when their babies die. When this happens, the mother will be very upset and show signs of grief for a period of time that is comparable to humans. If you are going through an experience like this with your pet rabbit then hopefully this article has helped for not only the sign but what to do after this happens.

As before, there are ways you can help them feel better by providing extra attention or taking care not disrupt their daily routine too much. It’s important to monitor your rabbit closely during times of mourning because they may also become emotionally unstable and start acting out in other ways as well.

Some rabbits choose to eat their young after death but it’s unclear how common this behavior is among all species of rabbits due to lack of scientific research on the topic available at present time.”

Do your best to help your bunny feel better after losing its babies by making sure he/she has fresh water and food available while also trying to comfort him/her as much as possible with some good old TLC!

Also, remember: never give up hope because the worst thing you can do is isolate your bunny and let him/her feel all alone in this world. All we need to do now is just wait for the storm to pass!

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