How Long Can Rabbits Be Left Alone?

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How long can rabbits be left alone? This is a question that often comes up when people have to leave their pet bunny home while they go away. As we know, rabbits are extremely affectionate and make great companions. However, they don’t do well on their own for long periods of time.

You see, a rabbit’s natural instinct is to form a social group with other rabbits, and an alone bunny can become anxious and frantic if left alone for too long! One thing you can do in this situation is to give them an extra companion while you are away from home.

If this isn’t possible then there are still some other things that you can do to make your rabbit more comfortable which we will talk about later on in this article! But first, we will disgust how long can rabbits can be left alone?

How Long Can Indoor Rabbits Be Left Alone?

The first thing to remember when leaving your bunny alone is that they are not that independent like other common household pets and having an indoor bunny can be a blessing in disguise.

Rabbits are naturally equipped to handle the cold, however, those that are raised indoors may be vulnerable to weather changes if they’re left outside. At the same time being outdoors exposes your rabbit to predators like cats who may prey on a furry friend while you away.

If you have a pet rabbit that stays mainly indoors it’s important to keep them indoors while your away! If you’re away the maximum time they should be alone is 24 hours. However, they can survive 3 or 4 days on their own but this is not recommended for the sake of the rabbit’s health.

24 hours is the maximum time you can leave a rabbit alone! After this time they will start to become distressed!

Just make sure that your rabbit is happy indoors while you’re away this means using a large cage that has plenty of space for their comfort. We do recommend using food bowls that have high sides so that their food doesn’t get contaminated by droppings.

How Long Can Outdoor Rabbits Be Left Alone?

This is a difficult question to answer because an outdoor rabbit has things like the weather to deal with. As we mentioned before, rabbits are naturally equipped to handle cold weather but If you live in a place where the temperature is constantly below freezing then it can be dangerous leaving them alone in these conditions.

Another thing to consider of course is predators like cats and foxes that could be a danger to your rabbit while out of the house. Unless you keep your pet in the shed as some people do especially in the winter months then it’s best to keep them indoors while away.

The maximum time you can leave an outdoor rabbit alone is again 24 hours and the same rules apply as if they were in a confined space, after this time your bunny will start to get distressed!

If you do have an outdoor pet make sure that their cage or hutch has plenty of room for comfort otherwise the experience could be traumatic for both pets and humans alike.

What If They Are Under 6 Months Old?

Bunnies younger than six months old shouldn’t be left alone because they are still dependent on their mother. Bunnies can also get anxious and lonely when they are separated from their mother or any other bunny that is a significant age.

The best thing to do in this situation would be to purchase another pet rabbit who is the same age, gender, breed as your own. You will find that after some time of being together these two bunnies may just become inseparable!

If you don’t want another pet then there are still things you can do for them while away which we’ll discuss later on in this article! But first, let’s talk about how long rabbits under six months old should be left alone.

When They Are Over 6 Months

If you have a rabbit over the age of six months then this is where it starts to get complicated as each individual rabbit’s needs and requirements vary from one another depending on personality, breed, gender, etc.

Some rabbits may be happy by themselves, while others can’t stand the sight of another being and will follow them everywhere. However, for a rabbit that is over 6 months again the maximum and recommended time they should be left alone is 24 hours.

Something else that we do recommend is spending some time with your bunny so that you know their individual personality before deciding on when they should be left alone for long periods of time. This way there won’t be any surprises!

How Much Time Do Rabbits Need Out Of Their Cage?

Rabbits like all cage pets need to spend time out of their enclosed space to live a happy life. This is especially true if you own more than one rabbit and need to make sure they are not fighting or have any health problems when confined together in the cage alone.

Your pet needs attention, interaction, and care from its humans as much as possible so it’s important that you consider whether your rabbit will be content being left at home on its own before making this decision.

Important: Typically you should let your rabbit out of their cage for at least 3 hours every day so they can stretch their legs and get some much-needed attention!

This will be very beneficial for their health physically and mentally and will make sure that your pet is less likely to get any health problems.

Things To Consider Before Leaving Your Rabbit Alone

So you’re thinking about leaving your rabbit at home alone? But before you do, there are a few things to consider. As before rabbits are social animals that need attention and interaction with their humans as much as possible.

Rabbits are prey animals and they can easily become anxious or even feel abandoned if left alone for too long without any interaction, therefore, it is important that you take their needs into consideration before leaving them at home themselves.

If you are going with the idea of leaving your rabbit at home by itself, then here are some tips you should follow in order to make it as comfortable as possible for your pet.

Food And Water

It’s very important that you leave food and water for your pet while you are gone, you should leave enough to last around 24 hours. If they still have water make sure that you change it with fresh water before you leave.

If you’re going to be gone longer than 24 hours you should get a neighbor or someone you trust to come and check on them.

Clean Cage Or Hutch

It’s always a good idea to give the cage a good clean and remove any uneaten food before you leave. Make sure you clean their cage with some pet-safe cleaners or wipes this will ensure that your rabbit has a fresh and clean encloser.

If they are on hay make sure it’s not wet and replace this as well with fresh hay or straw to make your rabbit more comfortable.

Suitable Temperture

It’s important that you make sure the temperature is comfortable for them before leaving. Bunnies can’t sweat and so it’s not good to leave them in a hot room, as they can be sensitive to heat!

Just being in the house will keep the rabbit warm enough plus they will have hay in their cage that can also work as an installation.

Company Of Other Rabbits

Most people that have more than one rabbit will have them live together but for those that may have them separated, you should keep them together while you away.

As before, rabbits can find it hard being alone so be adding another rabbit can help with loneliness and anxiety.

Having A friend Check On Your Rabbit

Having a friend come over every day or two will also help alleviate some anxiety in your bunny friend who may not be used to being home alone.

The friend will be able to carry out the tasks that you would normally do and make sure everything is in order like food and fresh water for when you return.

What If You Cant Leave Your Rabbit Alone! What Then?

If you can t leave your bunny alone while you’re away then you do have another option! This option would be to leave your rabbit at a Boarding Kennel Or Vet Office.

  • Boarding Kennels are places where you can leave your pet for a few days or weeks in order to get away from home without worrying about your rabbit.
  • Vet offices may have an option of boarding rabbits so they will also need to check whether this is possible or not with their office staff!

You should talk about the options that best fit your needs and find out what costs, rules, etc… would apply before making any decisions on which place to take them to! You could even decide that both these choices might work better for you as it means more time at home while keeping your rabbit safe when gone.


We hope this has answered some of your questions about leaving rabbits alone for longer periods of time! Please remember to follow our advice so that they are as happy as possible while you’re gone; it will make the experience much more fun when you eventually come home!

It’s always best to give them some time out of their cage before you leave so they don’t have any health problems from being cooped up for too long and will also help with loneliness and boredom!

It’s also a good idea to speak with your veterinarian about the best method that will work for your pet while you’re away so they can advise on what is possible or not and how long it would be okay to leave them at home alone in this case.

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