How To Secure Your Dog In The Cargo Area Of SUV?

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  • Date: September 24, 2021
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The SUV is a popular choice for families with small children and dogs. It’s an attractive vehicle that offers the spaciousness of a minivan without the high price tag. But, like any other type of vehicle, it needs to be properly equipped for dogs.

The Cargo area is not only the safest way for your dog to travel in an SUV, but it also gives your dog a lot of space to move around and you have easy access when you need to give them some water or food.

However, there are many dog owners that still prefer to secure their dog in the back of the SUV which is completely understandable!

So, in this article, we will discuss why it’s important to secure your dog in an SUV and also share some of the best practices you can use for securing your dog in the cargo area of your SUV.

Why Is It Important To Secure Your Dog In An SUV?

Although having your dog in the cargo area does provide them with plenty of space this can also be dangerous if your dog is not secure. For example: If there is any sudden braking or if you get into an accident and your dog is not strapped down, they could be thrown around inside the SUV and could be seriously hurt.

A dog that is unsecured in a moving vehicle can also be a distraction to the driver which again could result in an accident. In certain countries like the united kingdom, it’s against the law (Highways Code 57) to have an unsecured dog in a moving vehicle.

Having your dog roams free in an SUV brings up other problems for instance dogs have been known to jump out of the window of a moving vehicle while the owner is driving. Not only could this be dangerous for your dog, but again can also result in a serious accident.

Is It Safe To Put Dogs In Cargo Area Of SUV?

YES! placing your dog in the cargo area of the SUV is the safest place to put them. If there was a head-on collision then your dog would be fine if properly secured of course.

But if your dog was in the back seats then they could very well be injured or killed since their bodies would go flying and they have no protection in the event of a collision.

This is where it becomes important to properly secure your dog as safely as possible before you hit that road.

How To Secure Your Dog In The Cargo Area Of SUV?

There are a number of ways to make the vehicle safe. The first and most obvious suggestion is securing your dog in a crate or carrier so your dog doesn’t get injured if you need to brake suddenly or have an accident.

This, however, can be problematic for small dogs that don’t fit well into carriers and larger breeds that might not always like being confined while on a car ride. So here are some tips on how to secure your dog in the cargo area of an SUV.

To get started below you will see two popular types of SUVs each one is a different size which means the cargo area is also a different size. Simply scroll down to the type of SUV you have and you will find the information you seek.

Medium Size SUV

If you are traveling with a medium-size SUV, you have one of two options for securing your dog in the cargo! The first is to use soft dog cates which can be easily installed and your second option would be a dog harness.

Dog harnesses are more for people who don’t like using crates! Although a dog harness will not provide as much protection as a crate! It does have its benefits. For example, these harnesses are padded and can protect your dog’s chest and ribs from any sudden inpacked.

A good quality dog harness also has a leash and loophole that you can use to secure your dog using cables. However, some people prefer using bungee cords instead of cables that attach inside the vehicle you can find different lengths available at most hardware stores.

You can also use an old blanket or towel to help them feel more comfortable during their travels as well as provide some added protection from flying debris that may happen on bumpy roads.

Full Size SUV

Larger SUVs offer plenty of cargo area for your dog, so it’s recommended that you use a steel cage that locks shut in order to secure them. You can find these at most online pet stores and they are rather inexpensive.

Again an old blanket or towel will be useful as well as some kind of food and water dish during the trip. If you don’t already own this type of crate then it’s worth investing in one before taking any trips where you will be using your SUV.

Crossover SUV

For a small crossover SUV, the cargo area is much smaller so using one of those soft-sided crates will be ideal. You can also place them in the backseat and secure them with seatbelts.

If you are going to have your door open for long periods of time or feel they need more security as well as protection from jumping out.

Compact Crossover SUV

For a compact crossover SUV, the cargo area is also small; so once again it’s best to use one of those soft-sided crates. They make this type of crate with openings on both ends which makes them perfect for these types of cars.

These are just some examples but there are many different sizes and shapes of SUVs out there that need to be secured safely as well. Please check your manual or give customer service at the dealership a call if you have any questions about how to secure your dog in an SUV.

Alternative Methods To Secure Your Dog In An SUV

  • Use A Dog Harnesses With Lope Holes You want to ensure that when using seat belts with buckle anchors that these anchor points are positioned over areas without any sharp edges which would cause injury if pulled too tight.
  • Seat Belts With Buckle Anchors: If you are using a seat belt to secure your dog then it should be hooked into the vehicle’s buckle anchors. Your backseat passengers must keep their belts buckled and make sure that they do not step on any of the straps when getting out of or in to the SUV.
  • Dog Crate Or Carrier With Padded Interior And Strong Straps: This can be a perfect way to ensure that they are out of harms way while travelling as well as keeping them from running around inside the SUV if they are a larger breed.
  • Look For A Dog Seat Cover That Is Easy To Install And Remove: It will be necessary for you and others in the car who are not travelling with a dog, sometimes they might want to sit up front so its important that if you find a seat cover like this then it is easy enough for them to remove on their own without any hassle .

Other Factors That Can Affect The Safety In Cargo Area

When taking into account how safe your pooch can be while driving around there are some other factors worth considering such as:

  • Type of Vehicle: If you are traveling in a truck or SUV then it’s important to ensure that your dog is secure and not on the floor as this can be more dangerous for them if there was ever an impact. In these cases its best to a harness using restraining straps and tethers.
  • Weather Conditions: Many dogs love being outdoors but they don’t always enjoy riding around in wet conditions. Be mindful when deciding what to do about rainy weather by either covering their crate/carrier so that they stay dry OR placing them into a covered vehicle like a minivan where water cannot penetrate through gaps under doors and windows.


We hope this article has given you some good information on how to secure your dog in an SUV. the safety of your dog is your responsibility to take the time to find out what’s best for them and their size.

There are many different sizes of SUVs with various cargo areas, but they all have one thing in common: a need for security that will keep your pup safe on any trip! Just remember your dog’s safety is paramount and they need your help to make sure that every trip is a safe one.

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